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R44 Performance first came around when Rhys Herd started importing styling products from overseas, starting with products for the Ford Fiesta ST in 2017. Rhys went on to purchase a BMW M240i, and on a quest to improve the performance and styling of his M240i started to import BMW car parts. His car had garnered a following of other BMW owners keen to transform their own cars, and this led to the creation of R44 Performance, with Rhys providing an easy place to source carbon fibre car parts. Since then, R44 has continued to grow and provide a wider and ever-growing range of BMW car parts.

In November 2019 Rhys was looking to launch the business as a full time project as demand increased. Rhys's long term friend Josh would later join Rhys on the building of the online website and aided in bringing R44 to life. Rhys & Josh are co-owners of R44 Performance and aim to grow the brand to be a leading car parts retailer, as well as creating their own brands.

Excellent Customer Service

At R44 Performance we want to bring the highest level of customer service possible, so all of our customers are happy.

High Quality Products

All products are hand picked and tested to ensure our customers receive the highest quality products available.

Wide Variety of Products

We aim to provide a wide range of products, so our customers have a great variety to choose from. We are expanding in the future to cover more car manufactures.

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