MHC Plus BMW G8X G80 M3 / G82 M4 Performance Style Canards In Pre-Preg Carbon Fibre


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The MHC BMW G80 M3 / G82 M4 Performance Style Canards made from Pre-Preg Carbon Fibre are a great option to increase the front end presence of your M3 or M4. MHC's Canards are designed to be located on either side of your bumper and are the correct length of the space available. 
The canards strive from being made from Pre-Preg Carbon, reducing weight and matching BMW original Carbon parts on your G80/G82. These are a must-have for any aggressive build. 


  • Crafted from Pre-Preg carbon fibre with a 3k 2x2 weave (OEM Style)
  • Coated in a high gloss lacquered finish
  • 100% Carbon Construction to keep weight to a minimum
  • Pre-applied Hi-Bond adhesive tape for ease of install and secure fitment 


There are a variety of reasons why we recommend it to our customers. It’s far stronger than normal carbon, meaning increased durability and life span in the long term. Spend a little more now so you don’t have to come back later for replacements because you looked at your carbon the wrong way and hurt its feelings.

Pre Preg carbon is more consistent quality-wise when coming out of the mould, meaning less chance for issues or imperfections that would otherwise be undesirable in the finished product. The process eliminates air bubbles and results in a smooth, glossy surface more easily. This makes for the ideal part to compliment your car. If you are all about weight saving, Pre Preg is 70% lighter than alternative carbon options. It is the obvious choice when you’re concerned about performance.


  • BMW M3 (G80) 2021+
  • BMW M4 (G82) 2021+
  • BMW M3 (G80) X Drive (2021+) 3 Series
  • BMW M4 (G82) X Drive (2021+) 4 Series 


MHC Plus products are supplied with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty. This warranty covers any manufacturing defects that may occur, outside of usual wear and tear. A replacement unit will be issued or an alternative if the item is discontinued. For our in-depth warranty information please follow the link. "R44 Warranty Information"


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